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My Three-Dimensional Rant

It is time:


What the flying fuck is with this era and the thecnology??

Why must people think its ok for EVERYTHING to be in 3D???

First, we had the movies in theaters.
Ok, some were good in 3D... Most didn't even NEED to be in 3D. It was the same when it wasn't in 3D.

Then, we have the 3D television...
Why? Is it necessary? No... No it is not...
Plus you had to pay a lot more for the glasses FOR the TV then the TV itself.
Money hungry bastards.

Then up came some portable video games....
Why was this needed? Are the kids not having enough eye problems?
It even says that it MAY cause seizures... Oh yes, PLEASE let kids play with this.

NOW, they will have a 3D phone!!
Why??? Why why why??? Smartphones, flip phones even brick phones are fine they way they are.
I'm sure there will be problems with this damn new 3D phone.

I'm very tired of everything being in 3D.
It's getting very annoying and very old.
Enough is enough.

Just. Stop.

Can't we just have life and nature in 3D and leave it at that?
I don't think its too much to ask for.

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