11cort29 (11cort29) wrote in rants,

too much brotherly love

i live with my boyfriend of 3 years and his family, we are finally moving into our own place this next week but ever since i've lived with him we've never been able to just be by ourselves! EVERYDAY his brothers come into our room and 9 times out of 10 they don't even ask they just walk in and sit down. we have a make-shift lock on our door but don't leave it locked all the time cuz we'll go in and out to do w/e but we shouldn't have to have it locked in order for them to knock! i constantly tell my boyfriend that there's no reason they need to be in there all the time and he just doesn't do anything about it. i can't even change when i want to w/o having to tell them to get out and then they come right back in. when we have friends over they walk in right after them. it shouldn't have to take us moving out in order for us to just be able to relax and not always have 2 or 3 other people in our room with us. i get so annoyed and have headaches all the time having to deal with there loudness and talking. sometimes they aren't even doing what we are like if we're watching a movie they'll come in there and be playing on their psp or watching youtube videos on their phone. what's the point?? you can be out in the living room or in your own room doing that. then of course as soon as they leave at night my boyfriend tells me to get undressed and i tell him well why the hell should i now??? i couldn't 5 minutes ago when i wanted to. so frustrating!
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