11cort29 (11cort29) wrote in rants,

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unhappy new years

CANNOT believe my boyfriend would seriously want to spend new years eve at his moms house where there is going to be NOTHING happening. I knew that he was going to want to go over there today but I assumed that it would be earlier in the day so that we could just go say hi and get it over with. but no, of course he wants to wait until 11 so we'll be there when it turns midnight. i'm just like seriously dude??? we talked about this before and said that we wanted to hang out and have a good time with his friends. all we're going to do at his moms is eat...like oooh wow that's so awesome! not. i want to drink and just be able to relax and party. we didn't really get to party for Christmas so now i'm all anxious to do it. even last night one of his friends asked what we were planning on doing today and my boyfriend made it seem like we were going to be hanging out. UGH!!!!! OMG!!! so annoyed!!! 
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