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Is there anything the shitmunchers WON'T buy?

Maybe I should have been a con-man, politician or a bankster. 'Cos looking at the internet and the news, it seems you're all fucking morons who will buy any bucket of shit with a hole in it that the government and its propagandists want to sell you.

* Right wing "new" Labour - morons bought it.
* War in Iraq - morons bought it.
* Hassling immigrants and gypsies - morons bought it.

and the big one:

* Beating the living shit out of poor people while handing BILLIONS to the super-rich... MORONS BOUGHT IT lock, stock and barrel. Seems they don't mind being impoverished as long as some poor family gets made homeless. If nothing else this proves my thesis that BRITISH PEOPLE ARE CUNTS.

And whenever anyone came along to offer you an alternative - like the old school Lib Dems under Kennedy - well, you didn't like that, did you? Occupy protesters want to blame "capitalism", conspiracies and the banking lizards, but it seems they're just taking advantage. You lot really seem to go around with your trousers down and the words FUCK ME tattooed on your buttocks.

Why don't you just wire Cameron all your money directly and cut out the middle man!
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