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People are stupid.

I've felt the need to rant about this for a while, then I found this community.

It's about my friend and her boyfriend. So the thing is, we live in Sask. and he lives in Edmonton, then she thinks she can complain about the distance all she wants, and expects people won't get annoyed, since she was the one he chose to be with him in the first place. What makes it weirder is that they decided to get together the first day they met...

I try to stay out of it, I try to be happy for her, but that kinda gets hard when she only talks about him 24/7. I can't help but feel bitter and annoyed, and it almost feels like she's rubbing the fact she has a boyfriend in our faces. Like there has got to be other things to talk about right? Not just complaining and bragging about your relationship...

I almost blew up the other night when she was texting me when she said "He's part of my family now" when they've only even known each other for five fucking months, and only met in person like twice. I worry about her as much as it pisses me off.

She was also completely shocked when I told her this was annoying me, it's like even though she's one of my closest friends, she doesn't even have a sense of when to stop and change the topic.

May be a stupid topic...but I wanted to rant anyway.
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