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Obnoxiously Confident Ex

Should the right reaction to this be agitated or amused?

Last summer I obtained and lost my first (technically) boyfriend. The only thing that had led me to even approach a relationship with said ex was the pleading of my best friend who - "Wants one of my[her] ships to actually work this time..please make it work!" That, and also the vanity in me that starved for the attention of one from the opposite sex. So with that driving me to him, I gave it a shot and like all the ships my friend had tried to make work, this ended up sinking as well. Barely one month in the relationship I told my ex; lets call him Noz, I told Noz that I did not think 'we' were working out. Well to be honest I didn't bluntly exclaim this, this was my first break up, it was quite a daunting task so I might have let it drag on too long of hinting that I needed to tell him something important. He had guessed between A) me breaking up with him, or B) That I was a secret transvestite. After I answered that I was in fact breaking up with him, we awkwardly walked home and before we had separated to cross different streets he whisper to me "I guess I won't be your gigolo anymore..."

I feel like I should give a description of Noz before I continue this, so that there won't be any confusion to why I had broke up with him. Noz is - excuse my sass - an obnoxious prick. He was IS that one kid that everyone found annoying in class and would often argue with anyone just because he believes he is smarter. His whole aura projected waves of confidence to the extremity that it was even painful to look at him straight in the face without the urge to roll your eyes at him. How I ended up giving him a shot is one of two things: 1) He had the foreign appeal, being Greek and all, 2) I had three pairs of beer goggles on when he had asked me out on the first date... So I was "slightly tipsy. And the things I had said previously also apply to this; my friend's ship and my vanity.

Now after the break up, I gave him time to process the break up, I thought that he took it fairly well. He didn't cry or got angry at me; though he did ask me why I wanted to break up with him, but of course that was to be expected. But then my best friend who had pushed this ship; lets call her Diana, Diana sent me a message that Noz was engulfed with complete hatred against me. So perhaps he didn't take the news of our break up as well as I hoped so. It isn't also that surprising for me to find this out from Diana, she acted as our mediator and our wingman so it is natural for Noz to come to her to vent.

The thing that I did find bizarre was their relationship. Through the duration of our dating experience, Noz would often send sexual messages towards Diana, and Diana would indulge him with the same, while keeping me in the loop of what my 'boyfriend' was tell her. In honesty, I was not at all jealous, I wasn't really the good when it came to 'sexting' with him so I didn't mind this at all even if I did find it odd.

But then, not even a week after the break up he starts to chat with Diana with a more suggestive and pleading tone, asking her if she would like to have a relationship with him. She was quick to dismiss the suggestion, saying that she couldn't because she was my best friend and this was against the unwritten code of friends. Though her messages to me about this hinted a little doubt in herself, she would go on about how attractive she found him and that if he could fix himself up a little bit more then he would be a reasonable bachelor. Of course, she had asked me if it was okay for her to talk about Noz like this and I said that it was okay, though I was a bit agitated.

It wasn't because I gave her permission to flirt with Noz... it was the fact that she was talking about Noz non-stop. The premise of the break up was because he was the overly-attached boyfriend with an endless amount of libido in his system. Everyday would be about him and I was always there to act as his self-esteem boost, through PDA that I voiced I didn't like when in front of my friends, or always trying to find a way to make sexual advances towards me so that he may touch 'da boobies'. In short, I found him annoying as he would not give me the time of day to be with myself. Now that I had broken up with him, I thought I was done with him pestering my life, but somehow he's found a way to do it once more through Diana. All I wanted was to hear not a single word about him, forget that this had actually happened but I was barely given two days of a break before he became the main topic within my group of friends.

He continues to press Diana towards this relationship and she has fallen into a love-hate relationship with him. I now act as-in a sense- her voice of reason. The thing that peeves me now is his over confidence in himself, and how does he show this enormous ego of his? By flirting with not only Diana but with also two of my other friends. Of course the newly recruited objects of his admiration have not reciprocated the same way that Diana did, it did peeve me because he knows Diana tells me everything. He tells her of the threesome...more so foursome he would like to have with Diana and our two other friends. And he knows she would tell me this...

Is this his form of revenge? Does this even concern me at all? Am I placing myself in this situation and making this a personal attack towards me? Or is it just because he has become an obnoxiously confident ex who is hitting on my friends because they do give him the time of day. It's a well known fact that people from our grade find him annoying and arrogant as stated before and so he doesn't really have that many friends to talk to. He had also just transferred from Greece to our current location a year and half prior our senior year in High school.

Presently, Diana is peeved about him as he had told her... that he finds our two friends extremely attractive and continues to do so when they see each other in university, knowing the effect it had on Diana. Contradicting what he had said about them before just to 'play with her emotions' and so she in the height of her annoyance tells him my deep dark secret that I had a long running crush on his cousin; Todd. After she had told him that he immediately shutted up and then left her angrily.

A few weeks after this he presses Diana to go to the movies with him this Friday [tomorrow], she doesn't want to be in the theaters with him alone so he suggest for her to bring our two friends so that he can finally act out his 'foursome'. Of course, she found this offensive but agreed to bring them but for security sake asked to bring a male friend; Orozco, along as well as Todd. Unknown to him Diana had asked me to tag alone as a form of revenge. To see me there at the theater with Todd there and Orozco one of my closet male friend [it had gotten to the point that many believe Orozco and I were dating]. I hold no 'evil' anger towards Noz but for playing with my friends feelings and using them as sexual relief, all I have to say is this....

What should I wear tomorrow night?

          Quinn Lee~

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